COVID-19 April 6 2020


The Coronavirus outbreak continues in Australia with some state borders locked down. This means road transport is difficult currently with rail or coastal service being the most reliable source at the moment for long distance with in Australia.

As we all coming to terms with the struggles and the day to day changing restrictions that affect our freight and transport industry , we need to stay strong and know that we will come through the other side of this pandemic much more prepared and better than ever.

Hours of operations on CTO’s airline ground handling through to stevedores with vessel terminals and cfs depots all at some reduced capacity hours. This has caused some delays and backlogs.

Our OnShow staff are all now remotely working now with only limited to essential requirement that warehouse be attended.

For deliveries / receivals to/from warehouse will not be affected however please bear with us on timely replies to requests you have.

Currently warehouse space in both Sydney and Melbourne we have virtually reached capacity point however we are working daily to resolve. If any of our clients with the ability to receive should where possible to enable other longer term warehouse storage especially for international clients whom have no local representation in Australia.

From the lowering of numbers on the Coronavirus in Australia stable now it does give some confidence there is light at the end of the tunnel where some normality be sooner rather than later.

Let’s stay strong, keep well and healthy during this isolation time and flatten the curve.




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